Development Facilitators, Inc.

Development Facilitators, Inc.

Development Facilitators, Inc.'s (DFI) Survey Department performs an array of survey and mapping services for residential and commercial entities, as well as the private sector, within Maryland. DFI's surveyors can perform a multitude of surveys to help a property owner, whether for a residential or commercial client, to find their boundary lines to mapping services, including drawings, to locating underground utilities, such as sewer lines.

The survey crew works in Maryland in compliance with state, local and American Land Title Association/National Society of Professional Surveyors (ALTA/NSPS) standards. DFI's surveyors have experience with residential owners, as well as on projects for the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDTA), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the U.S. National Geodetic Survey (NOAA). 

Although based in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, DFI's survey crew is ready to help those with survey and mapping needs in other Maryland counties!

To view our full list of survey and mapping services, please see below:

  • As-built surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Cadastra surveys
  • Geodetic surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Construction stakeouts
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Improvement drawings
  • Legal descriptions
  • Metes and bounds
  • Right of Way Determination
  • Right of Way plats
  • Subdivision and Condominium Plats

Featured Projects

Severna Park Gateway Village,
Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI) provided survey services for a mixed-use development comprising of 106,000 square feet of residential condominium units, 45,000 square feet of retail and 49,000 square feet of office use. DFI utilized Global Positioning System (GPS) and robotic surveying systems to perform a field run boundary survey of the 12-acre site utilizing historical deed information, existing county monuments and markers, as well as  title information provided by a title attorney.

DFI field crews performed a field run topographic survey of the property and as part of that survey, DFI crews ran cross-sections at 50 foot intervals of a low lying area of the site as part of a need for engineering staff to determine the limits of a 100-year floodplain traversing and encroaching upon the site. DFI crews also located wetland flagging placed by an environmental consultant for purposes of identifying and verifying non-tidal wetland areas that are governed by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and United States Army Corps of Engineers. Included in the work task for the environmental consultant, DFI located specific trees and environmental features onsite for preparation of a Forest Stand Delineation (FSD) and Existing Conditions Site Plan.

As part of the development of the site, DFI survey crews provided all construction stakeouts for the site to include, but not limited to, site grading, water and sewer main construction, storm drains, stormwater management facilities, paving, curb and gutter and building stakeouts. 

The survey office staff was responsible for the preparation of county right-of-way dedication plats and public utility easement plats, as well as written descriptions in accordance with county standard details and specifications for public dedication to the county. DFI survey staff prepared a land condominium plat to allow for land and building units to be sold on the site. In support of the owner’s need to secure construction financing for the project, DFI prepared an American Land Title Association/National Society of Professional Surveyors, Inc. (ALTA/ASCM) survey based upon title information provided by the owner’s title attorney. 

Kaiser Permanete 
Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Development Facilitators, Inc.’s (DFI) survey crew completed several tasks for the Kaiser Permanente building, which is located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. DFI’s survey crew provided the construction layout and as-built surveys for the 2.34-acre medical center building. The team also performed building stakeout duties, such as column line stakeout, column line as-builts and a control stakeout for the site.