Development Facilitators, Inc.

Development Facilitators, Inc.

DFI has a select team dedicated to processing individual lot development grading plans and permits for clients such as individuals planning to building their dream home, custom home builders and larger builders developing subdivision lots.  Our team has extensive experience processing individual lot plans on waterfront lots and for lots within the critical area including preparation and processing of variances, buffer management plans and critical area computations. 

The individual lot developments can include preparation of septic site plans or extension of public utilities to serve the site.  

Our team will sit down with you at the beginning of the project to determine the site limitations, public utilities or septic requirements, site access requirements and permit requirements.  The site development will include the design of stormwater management specific to the site in conjunction with preparing the grading plan for the lot development. If required, DFI will prepare private or public road plans as needed to access the site.  DFI can also coordinate with your architect to identify site constraints that may influence the design of a house and the associated construction plans.

Our approach to single family individual lot development is to provide a full service team to deliver you the needed permits and get you building.  We will stay with you through the construction process, providing survey stakeout services, field inspections and certifications of stormwater management devices and preparing as built plans for release of bonds once the project is complete.

Featured Projects

Eleanore Drive is a single family home located in Glen Burnie, Maryland. The project is an infill lot situated on 0.17 acre parcel of land. The site contains a stream buffer; which had to be preserved and incorporated into the layout of the site. Stormwater management for the site was designed utilizing the environmental site design criteria based upon the new state and county stormwater management criteria. Stormwater management was addressed by utilizing the nonstructural credits to the maximum extent then by utilizing a raised Rain Garden. In addition to creating an environmentally friendly site layout the project also required design and approval of plans for a public grinder pump, public utility easement and traffic control plans. The unique shape of the site and environmental features combined with the public improvements needed were no challenge for our dedicated staff.