Development Facilitators, Inc.

Development Facilitators, Inc.

DFI has extensive experience with the design and processing of septic systems and septic site plan designs.  DFI handles all aspects of the environmental health process regarding septic designs and well placement including applications for percolation tests, coordination of septic contractors for the testing, survey stakeout of percolation tests, securing Health Department recommendations for the house size and preparing the septic site plan based upon the Health Department recommendations.  DFI is experienced in designing septic site plans using trenches, drywells, pressure dose beds and mound systems to work with whatever soil types your approved percolation tests indicate.  If there are water wells on-site or on adjacent sites, DFI will research Health Department records and field locate wells that would impact the septic design and then prepare a plan to coincide with those identified well locations.

DFI also designs and generates construction plans for commercial septic plans.  These plans are based upon calculated flow rates for the commercial use and include tank sizing, drain field or drywell sizing and preparation of the profiles for the proposed system.  

DFI maintains an excellent rapport with the various review agencies and possesses a clear understanding of what is required to secure septic site plan approvals.  We also integrate the design with the grading permit or commercial site development plan to insure that the septic system and well design will not be in conflict with the other site features such as stormwater management.

Featured Projects

Evergreen Road is a single family home located in Gambrils, Maryland. The project is an infill lot situated on 2.59 acre parcel of land. The site contains a stream, stream buffer and is entirely wooded; these natural features had to be preserved and incorporated into the layout of the site. Stormwater management for the site was designed utilizing the environmental site design criteria based upon the new state and county stormwater management criteria. Stormwater management was addressed by utilizing the nonstructural credits to the maximum extent then by utilizing Landscape Infiltration Devices. In addition to creating an environmentally friendly site layout the project also required design and approval of plans for a private septic system and private well. DFI assisted from the start by filing for a perc application and coordinating the percolation testing with the Health Department to ensure the owners could get the home they dreamed of on this beautiful wooded site. The site had one other issue there was no road construction along the site, this parcel sits over 1000 feet off any roadway, we prepared the boundary to delineate the unimproved right of way, and the private road plans to ensure access to the site. While this parcel had its challenges the end result was spectacular.