Development Facilitators, Inc.

Development Facilitators, Inc.

DFI employs an extremely knowledgeable staff with extensive experience with residential subdivision and land development. DFI has specialized for years planning, engineering and permitting large scale residential subdivisions. Our firm is experienced with planned unit developments, single family townhome duplex and apartment projects. DFI prides itself on designing developments that incorporate the natural environmental features of sites into the design of the communities allowing residents to enjoy features such as forest conservation areas, wetland preservation areas, streams, etc. DFI’s design experience with major subdivisions includes development layout, infrastructure design, environmental remediation plans, recreational amenity planning and landscape architecture design.

Featured Projects

DFI designed and secured subdivision and grading permit approvals for a 76 lot townhome subdivision (located off of Solley Road in Glen Burnie, Maryland) utilizing the revised 2007 State Stormwater Management Manual.  The site is located on 23 acres and contains environmental features such as wetlands, specimen trees, and a floodplain.  The site layout incorporated a design maximizing the use of ESDs and environmental credits by utilizing sheet flow to conservation area and the use of open grass-lined swales/gravel wetlands.

A flood plain study was prepared to determine the limits of the floodplain on site.  The study involved delineation of the drainage area to the site, computing the RCN value based upon ultimate land use, and determining a time of concentration to plug into TR-20 and TR-55 hydrology modeling software.

DFI performed boundary and topographic surveys, as well as provided full construction survey stake-out for infrastructure and new home construction.