Development Facilitators, Inc.

Development Facilitators, Inc.

DFI specializes in Infrastructure Design providing engineering services for both public and private sectors. Areas of expertise include analysis and design of sanitary sewer, water, storm drains, culvert analysis, roadways, stormwater management facilities and floodplain studies. DFI prides itself in providing sound designs utilizing the latest technology and practices to deliver a cost effective solution. DFI also provides analysis of existing infrastructure and provides recommendations for improvements to extend the life of facilities.

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Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI) provided final design engineering services to Calvert County Department of Public Works and Department of General Services for design and permitting of the Farm Road at the Biscoe Gray Heritage Farm project located off of Grays Road, Calvert County.  DFI is responsible for the design of approximately 750 LF of 20’ wide roadway in accordance with Calvert County Design Detail Standard Number RD-3A.  The scope of services for this project includes survey and design services to complete construction drawings.  The following tasks were included in the design.                         

During the preliminary investigation, DFI performed a field run topographic survey of area of roadway and adjoining areas that may contain environmentally sensitive conditions.  Topographic Survey included areas adjacent to Grays Road to determine adequate sight distance for proposed Farm Road; prepared alignment, profile and preliminary grading to determine impacts and resolve potential design issues.  Evaluated potential sight distance issues along Grays Road at the intersection with the proposed Farm Road.  Evaluation was based upon field run survey data; addressed sight distance issues for access onto Grays Farm Road. Evaluate stormwater management criteria (SMW) to determine what the requirements will be to meet ESD to the MEP. Reviewed field conditions to determine impacts to any environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands and streams and their respective buffers, forested areas and other environmentally sensitive areas.

Semi-Final Plan:  Preparing road design plans to include plan view, grading, typical section and profile; culvert computations and plan and profile.  Preparing SWM computations and design facility and show plan, section, and specifications on the plan; Erosion & Sediment Control Plans.  Address Department of Natural Resources Permitting, prepared cost estimates.  Supervise geotechnical requirements; obtain 3 geotechnical borings and associated report for purposes of providing stormwater management design and two CBR tests for road design. 

Final Plans:  Addressed comments to the plans generated during the semi-final review.

Construction Phase:  Assisted with bid process and provided survey construction stakeout services.