Development Facilitators, Inc.

Development Facilitators, Inc.

DFI specializes in Infrastructure Design providing engineering services for both public and private sectors. Areas of expertise include analysis and design of sanitary sewer, water, storm drains, culvert analysis, roadways, stormwater management facilities and floodplain studies. DFI prides itself in providing sound designs utilizing the latest technology and practices to deliver a cost effective solution. DFI also provides analysis of existing infrastructure and provides recommendations for improvements to extend the life of facilities.

Featured Projects

Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI) provided highway design engineering services on this Safe Routes to School Program (SRTS) project which involved preparation of plans to design new sidewalks along various roadways that access Lincolnshire Elementary School (Hagerstown, Maryland).  DFI performed field run survey for approximately 1,300 LF of urban roadway (including adjoining properties abutting thereon for a width of approximately 200 feet) along Lincolnshire Road, Lincoln Avenue, Oak Ridge Drive and US Route 11.  The survey base included all topographic features, intersecting property lines, utilities and field run cross-sections at 25 ft. intervals and 25 ft. beyond the existing right-of-way line. Responsibilities included storm water management design as commercial redevelopment, coordination with Maryland State Highway Administration for signal modifications to allow for pedestrian crossing upgrades at various intersection locations along Virginia Ave (MD Route 11).  Design had to resolve existing drainage problems and address storm water management for new impervious areas.  Traffic Concepts, Inc. and DFI conducted and oversaw field operations, performed critical lane traffic analysis and pedestrian related traffic, reviewed and recommended ADA design criteria and pedestrian configurations.

Masters Locators, Inc. performed geophysical services using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic (EM) scanning methods to horizontally designate underground utilities locatable with geophysical methods.  MLI also performed vacuum excavation services using combination air knife/vac equipment to perform test holes on underground utilities in locations of concern for the project design.  DFI utilized the results of the testing to avoid conflicts with the design and construction.

In addition, Del Mar Land, Inc. provided geotechnical services to provide soil conditions and infiltration rates for DFI’s design of stormwater management practices.

Plans were developed in accordance with Washington County, State Highway administration, American Association of State Highway and transportation officials and Americans with Disabilities Act standards and prepared in AutoCAD format.