Development Facilitators, Inc.

Development Facilitators, Inc.

Why Use Development Facilitators, Inc.'s (DFI) Construction Management and Inspection (CM&I) Services:

Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI) partners with the client to enhance services tailored to their needs rather than revolving around an inflexible internal corporate structure. By perfecting services that are needed, DFI has developed a fiscally responsible service that delivers a maximum return on one's investment.

DFI can help a client and, or, owner achieve a positive outcome for their project through the company's construction management and inspection (CM&I) services. Services include assisting in creating a well-formulated construction bid package, which is developed during the planning and design process of one's project, among others, that are key to minimizing changes, in addition to avoiding disputes and delays during construction. DFI's services allow the owner to take into consideration advice given by the DFI team, while having the ability to obtain the advantages of procurement methods, but with greater control and confidence in the outcome. 

While creating a bid package is just one service that DFI provides, their developed management plans, which revolve around the owner's needs, are DFI's key to proven success. DFI's technical management and support team create a management plan that provides a detailed outline of a disciplined approach and effective leadership of the program, and, or project team. In addition to assisting in creating a plan, DFI's staff can help to identify specific needs, mobilize staff and oversee implementation of the plan. While management services and expertise are tailored to a project or program needs, comprehensive project controls are integrated into the process as a method of maintaining control of issues regarding time, cost, scope, quality and safety. 

Inspection services begin at the start of building all the way through the end of the construction process. DFI's inspection staff boasts a depth of expertise and knowledge of the field that allows the team to focus their attention on critical areas of project construction. DFI's inspection staff pay close attention to aspects such as confirming the correct and approved contract documentation and specifications developed in the design phase. The assigned inspector provides quality assurance checks for the client, as well as the proper documentation and records of all activities and helps to create solutions to issues that may occur. 

Once the project is finished, DFI offers support to the client and end user with assistance in training and the activation, operation and maintenance of systems installed during the construction phase, as well as teaching the facility management team. In addition to training assistance, DFI complies critical data throughout the duration of the construction and provides the owner with items such as the operation and maintenance manuals, both presented in a clear and effective fashion, as well as making sure that all necessary warranties are issued to the proper person and that final as-built records are accurately recorded.