Development Facilitators, Inc.

Development Facilitators, Inc.

DFI was gratified to accept the 2016 Gold Leaf Award presented to Prince George’s County, MD.

The Harry J. Banker Gold Leaf Award provides an opportunity for ISA chapters to recognize individuals at the local or regional level. The award is intended for individuals, organizations and communities for either outstanding Arbor Day activities or for outstanding landscape beautification activities as submitted by an ISA Chapter. This is an opportunity for ISA chapters to solicit entries to acknowledge worthy individuals, organizations or municipalities for projects which have had a significant impact upon a community or region, usually over a period of several years.” –ISA website

DFI has responsibility for inspection and oversight of the “Right Tree-Right Place” program with Prince George’s County DPW and DOE coordination through the Neighborhood Design Center. Our staff continues to work cooperatively in order to identify areas where nuisance trees may cause damage or injury.

Leading the effort with Prince George’s County, Wayne Lucas (Landscape Architect, ISA Certified Arborist, MD Roadside Tree Care Expert, Special Services Division) is Mike Burton who is a Certified Arborist/Tree Expert. He is responsible for countywide survey for identification of hazardous trees (weak wood), compiling a computer data base of surveyed areas and locations of hazardous trees, design for locations, botanical and common names of replacement trees, and oversight and inspection of tree removal/replacement. Mr. Burton is also responsible for managing and monitoring the coordination of tree installation crews and completing daily reports. Work is completed in each of the 5 Council Districts each year.

Mr. Burton works cooperatively to recommend suitable replacement plantings and landscaping.